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username blah full-name "blah blah2"
username blah roles replace admin
no username blah disable

tacacs-server host blah auth-type asci timeout 100 retransmist 1
# tacacs-server host blah key ****
tacacs-server extra-user-params roles enable
tacacs-server service Gigamon

aaa authorization map default-user admin

port 1/1/1 type network
port 1/1/1 alias blah
port 1/1/1 params admin enable

gigastream advanced-hash slot 1/1 default
gigastream alias blah1 port-list 1/1/1,1/1/2,1/1/3 params hash advanced

map alias SUPERtoMAN
type regular byRule
rule add pass vlan 1..5
rule add pass vlan 7
from 1/1/1..2

map-passall alias WONDERtoWOMAN
roles replace admin to owner_roles
to blah1
from 1/1/3..4
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